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Play as Moebius or Pucky, rescue thousands of lost imps and return them to their natural habitat in unusual but not so distant places.

Original game by: Dave Hughes  

Based on remake by: Locomalito


  • Code and gfx by Rikib80
  • Music, sfx and playtesting by nm156
  • Title screen and attract screen gfx by Hend
  • Music player (GoatTracker) and I/O code by Lasse Öörni
  • Loader by Krill
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, Commodore 64


efmb64.d64 170 kB

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Its an amazing game including with talented ideas.



This is a really fun game, with very cute sprites! Thank You!


Great old style arcade game. And, as a fan of "Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo", I liked and laughed at all the references. Chapeau! ;)


A great "cute arcade game style" like Taito arcade games, very nice music and graphics, work very well on my C64 mini and also on the new "the C64" full size version, I love it ^^ !


i overlooked this one for having thought it of yet another port from Speccy.

but i was so wrong.
thanks dev. this is an unexpected gift for me. :)


Very well balanced game, entertaining and fun. 2 Player mode is a great feature and the well executed music tunes contributes to make the game experience complete. Don't miss it if you are a C64 platform fan. 


Wirklich ein gelungenes Arade Spiel!

That´s really a fun game! Nicely done and I can absolutely recommend it!