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Play as Moebius or Pucky, rescue thousands of lost imps and return them to their natural habitat in unusual but not so distant places.

Original game by: Dave Hughes  

Based on remake by: Locomalito


  • Code and gfx by Rikib80
  • Music, sfx and playtesting by nm156
  • Title screen and attract screen gfx by Hend
  • Music player (GoatTracker) and I/O code by Lasse Öörni
  • Loader by Krill


efmb64.d64 170 kB

Development log


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i overlooked this one for having thought it of yet another port from Speccy.

but i was so wrong.
thanks dev. this is an unexpected gift for me. :)


Very well balanced game, entertaining and fun. 2 Player mode is a great feature and the well executed music tunes contributes to make the game experience complete. Don't miss it if you are a C64 platform fan. 


Wirklich ein gelungenes Arade Spiel!

That´s really a fun game! Nicely done and I can absolutely recommend it!